How it Works

Working in a virtual relationship requires creativity, technology, open communication, trust, and a real connection between people. Obviously, I can’t work with everyone who needs support and I’m not going to be the best choice for everyone, so I choose my clients carefully.

I only work in long-term collaborative relationships and I have a 10-hour per month minimum retainer requirement. Why don’t I do short-term projects or accept smaller retainers or hourly assignments? I want to learn all I can about you & your business, as well as your goals, then help you achieve them – I can’t do that in a way that serves you with anything less than 10 hours per month. Some people need more than 10 hours – it can be 12, 15, 23 – we’ll figure that out together and it can be any number (within my capacity to provide), but it will always be at least 10.

If you’ve gotten this far in my web site, you’ve seen the many ways I add value for my clients, and I hope that you’ve gotten some ideas of your own about the value I could create for you. By now you are wondering how much that value will cost you. First, let me say that price should not be a deciding factor – this is a decision to be made based on how well we resonate with each other.

My monthly fee for 10 hours is $650. If you are billing $300-$500 per hour, as many of my clients do, outsourcing your administrative functions to me could net you $2,350 – $4,350 (or more) in additional revenue potential per month. Your success is my success.

So, you feel a connection with me, my client description sounds just like you, you see the value of such a partnership, and you can easily afford my fees – what’s next?

I have created a consultation process that will help both of us get to know each other well and determine whether we would be a good fit for working together. This process is very thorough and requires an investment of time in developing the relationship, as well as candor and honesty. In the end, we will both have gotten our questions answered about each other and our businesses, and we will have a clear picture of whether we want to pursue a working relationship together.

Here is how the process works:

  1. We will have a 15-20 minute phone call to get acquainted. The purpose of this call is to hear each other on the phone and get an initial sense of each other.
  2. I will send you my Client Partnership Assessment. This is a brief questionnaire designed to help me get a preliminary sense of you and how well we might work together.
  3. Upon receipt of your completed Client Partnership Assessment, we will schedule a 60-minute phone conversation to discuss our businesses in more detail and answer some questions for each other.
  4. Next, we will schedule a 60 – 90-minute phone call for Deeper Discussion Topics.

Occasionally, additional discussion may be required to ensure all questions are answered and both of us are completely comfortable moving forward.

If, at any point in the process either of us feels that we are not a good fit for each other, we will disengage. If this happens, I am happy to provide thoughts on where you might find the type of support you need to best serve your goals.

So, are you ready to get started? Great! Contact me to start the process.