Are You Ready?


Are you ready for a Virtual Assistant?

Let’s be honest. Virtual Assistance is not the right answer for everyone in every situation.

Ask yourself these questions:

Left Right
Do you wish you could have someone take care of administrative items, but don’t want the cost and work associated with hiring and managing an employee?
Are you struggling to juggle client-facing activities with the administrivia that goes with owning and growing a business?
Does your corporate assistant handle all your business related items, but you still feel overwhelmed with getting all your personal tasks done?
Is your business growing so quickly you just can’t keep up?
Do you wish you had a “partner” to brainstorm ideas with or get a different perspective from?
Would you like to have more time to spend with family and friends?
Are you spending too much time “working in your business” and not enough time “working on your business”?
Are there things you would like to get done but don’t have the knowledge to do or interest to learn, such as e-zine publication, presentation preparation, shopping cart implementation & management, etc.?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be ready to get some help with the administrative functions of your business.

People who benefit most from my services:

    • Are successful, busy people wanting to partner with someone who can enable them to focus on what they enjoy most by taking care of things that don’t need their personal attention
    • Are entrepreneurs, small business owners, and other busy professionals
    • Are open to new ideas
    • Are trusting
    • Have a sense of humor
    • Are technically proficient
    • Are able to plan ahead to allow adequate time for project completion
    • Take time to clearly communicate their needs
    • Are available for questions
  • Are gracious
  • Are thoughtful
  • Maintain high ethical standards
  • Understand that virtual assistance works best when they invest in the relationship
  • See the value of partnering with me
  • Believe that the administrative functions of their business are important to its success
  • Value my input
  • Do not “live in the urgent”
  • Do not have drama-filled lives
  • Have a positive outlook – life is good!

If this sounds like you, visit my Examples page to see the types of projects I work on for my clients.